Is this about the Electoral College?

The mission of Equal.Vote is embedded in our name. Even though our initial focus is on the mechanics of the vote itself, when folks keep asking us, "Is this about the Electoral College?", we have to say yes to that too.

The Electoral College was originally created to give slave states more political power in the choice of the president on account of the right to vote being more prevalent in the free North, despite the fact that the founders thought the popular vote was actually the best way to get an "Executive Magistrate of distinguished Character."

Amending the U.S. Constitution to abolish the electoral college is a serious PITA, so some clever folks figured out a way to do this on a state-by-state basis. It's called the National Popular Vote. Basically, as long as 270 Electoral College votes worth of states sign on, they all agree to send electors to the winner. Oregon is currently NOT a signatory to the National Popular Vote; despite the efforts of some legislators, our Legislature as a whole has been unwilling to pass it.

Because our mission is true equality amongst the voters, Equal.Vote is fully aligned with and will petition alongside the National Popular Vote effort. Join Equal.Vote and we'll keep you in the loop how to pitch in on the effort.

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  • Freddy Castaneda
    commented 2018-03-24 16:01:58 -0700
    Hey Mark, I’m a Texan Conservative and I LOVE this new Voting System. I’ve even contacted my State Representatives asking them to pursue Electoral Reform by supporting STAR Voting. But more to the point, it is my belief that your support for NPVC is seriously misguided and counterproductive to what your Organization is trying to do, which is to bring a more equal and fair election process. I would ask that your organization seriously reconsider your support of NPVC, and instead advocate for the States to change the way they allocate their electoral votes by replacing winner-takes-all method with a more proportional method such as CDM (Congressional Districts – Majority), a fairer method in my mind than what Nebraska and Maine are using.
  • anonymous
    commented 2018-02-16 02:59:46 -0800
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