Equal Vote - Staff Positions

Equal Vote is not actively hiring at this time, but we may be soon. If you are interested in working with us feel free to review the job descriptions below and submit an application.


Position: Equal Vote Fundraising Coordinator

Description: We are looking for an experienced professional fundraiser and grant writer to fundraise for the Equal Vote and STAR Voting Action non-profits. We have a large list of existing small and medium-sized donors and a list of potential large donors to follow up with, and applicants should also identify and target new large donations and grants. 

Compensation: Starting wage $16-20/hr.

Position Hours and Duration: This position would be month to month initially as an independent contractor with the plan of making it a staff position after a 90 day trial period.  ½ time - full time possible. Flexible schedule.


Position: Equal Vote Outreach Coordinator

Description: Our Outreach Coordinator would work closely with our Executive Director and be tasked with outreach to other organizations and community leaders to build the Equal Vote Coalition, to identify and cultivate allies in the community, to set up and schedule meetings and presentations, to help organize events, to support our state chapters, and to solicit endorsements. Applicants must be skilled in communication and correspondence, and would ideally have networks and connections in some or all of the communities we want to engage; including communities of color, political and NGO leadership, and community activists networks. This individual would work with our coalition members and chapter leaders around the country but would ideally be based in Portland, Oregon or Redondo Beach, California. 

Compensation: Starting wage $16-18/hr.

Position Hours and Duration: This position would be month to month initially as an independent contractor with the goal of making it a staff position after a trial period.  ½ time - full time possible.  Flexible schedule.


Position: Equal Vote Administrative Assistant

Description: Our Administrative Assistant/Operations Coordinator will work directly with our Executive Director on a wide variety of tasks. Applicable skills include fluency with Slack, Trello, Google Docs, social media, emailing, online event coordination, meeting planning, scheduling, coordinating with other team members and contractors, answering questions, and directing people to available resources, helping to set up internships, and duties as assigned. Ideally this person would be based in Eugene, OR and would work in person some of the time at the office on Blair Blvd, pandemic-willing.

Compensation: Starting wage $16-18/hr.

Position Hours and Duration: This position would be month to month initially as an independent contractor with the plan to make it a staff position after a trial period.  ½ time - full time possible. 


About the Equal Vote Coalition

The Equal Vote Coalition is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to fighting for true equality in the vote itself. We need elections that level the playing field and get equitable and representative results! Our mandate is community education, research, and coalition building from the local level to the global movement. 

While the field of electoral reform is broad, our work focuses on the foundation, the voting method itself. We recommend and advocate for STAR Voting specifically, and support voting methods that eliminate vote-splitting and ensure an equal vote. Led by our board and Executive Director, Equal Vote currently has a staff of one and an incredible team of volunteers, but it's time to grow our team and take this project to the next level. 


Notes on hiring policy and ethos: 

We are a grassroots, volunteer-centric project where significant contributions and decisions are made by our volunteers on a regular basis. Our Executive Director's salary is based on a $20/hr wage. It is our goal that as this project scales out and our staff grows that senior staff would all be compensated at the same level. Currently the top wage paid is on the low end. As we become better funded that will increase, but will remain horizontal among senior employees and junior employees. 

Employee hires will be targeted to fill unfilled niches in our volunteer base. Priority will be given to those with the skills and experience lacking on our team, with a commitment to diversity, representation, and cultivating leadership. 

Politics and activism can be stressful and high pressure. We prioritize work-life balance to set a sustainable pace and ensure that our team doesn't burn-out. While some positions will face serious time-crunches, hard deadlines, and will be full-on at times, we prefer to employ people at an average of 30/hrs a week, or ¾ time. Ideally those who need to work full time during specific projects will have opportunities to take sabbaticals or unpaid time off during the slow-season if desired. 

We believe in teamwork, and all positions will be designed to be collaborative whenever possible. Most projects will have a designated point person in charge, will have other leaders in supportive roles, and will have action items for volunteers as well. Most employees will have at least one project that they are in charge of and will fill supportive roles helping other staff on at least 2 other projects or committees as well. 


Health Care Benefits:

Full health and dental insurance options are available after 60 days for all employees averaging 30 hours per week or more.

* Time working as an independent contractor does count toward the 60 day period. 


Sick Time and Vacation Policy: 

Oregon law ensures that all workers get at least 1 hour of protected sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to 40 hours per year. Unused sick time at the end of the year will roll over into additional paid vacation time the following year. 

Salaried full-time employees will have an additional 40 hours a year of vacation time. 

This is a total of 2 weeks a year paid time off for full time employees or 30 hours a year for ¾ time employees. 

Unpaid vacation time of an additional 3 weeks will be offered, once a year, to all full-time and ¾ time employees. Unpaid vacation time will need to be scheduled at least 3 months in advance and may not be available during the peak times for the position in question. Peak times for each position will be determined at the discretion of the Executive Director. 


How To Apply:

Please email [email protected] with your cover letter and a resume detailing your story, your skills, and your experience and qualifications. Preference will be given to applicants with relevant experience and skills, and to those well-versed and passionate about our mission and project.