Equal Vote - Staff Positions

The Equal Vote Coalition is not currently hiring, but the STAR Voting Project is! Join our team and help make a difference in the fight for fair and equal elections. 


Position: STAR Voting Canvasser

Description: The STAR Voting team, in conjunction with our new canvassing firm PDX Clean Air, is looking to hire Eugene area canvassers to collect signatures for our STAR Voting for Eugene and STAR Voting for Oregon, IP-11 ballot initiatives. All canvassers will collect signatures on both petitions.

Canvassers are ambassadors to the public, teaching people about STAR Voting and voting reform. All canvassers are invited and encouraged to attend trainings and events, and to review our print and online educational materials to get up to speed on STAR Voting, Ranked Choice Voting, and the state of voting reform in Oregon.

Your clipboard kit (provided) will include a script, FAQ, handouts, visual aids, signature sheets, volunteer sign up sheets, and a copy of the Eugene and Oregon STAR Voting legislative texts.

Signature Turn-ins: Signature turn-in will be weekly at the STAR Voting HQ office on Blair Blvd., or by arrangement if needed.

Position Hours and Duration: The STAR Voting for Eugene campaign will be collecting signatures for 100 days over summer 2023 (Mid June, July, August, Mid September). The STAR Voting for Oregon campaign will be collecting signatures now through the 4th of July, 2024, or until complete.

Compensation: $20-$30/hr depending on experience. Canvassers are employees with PDX Clean Air and benefits though them are available. 

Contact Us To Apply:
Greg Bourget - Portland Clean Air
(503) 995-5453
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Position: STAR Voting Campaign Manager

Description: STAR Voting Action is looking to hire a campaign manager to head up our STAR Voting for Eugene and/or STAR Voting for Oregon campaigns. While most campaign manager positions are seasonal, our goal is to keep this person on staff year round to lead our current campaigns and/or to support upcoming campaigns. Ideally, this person would be based in Eugene, Oregon, or at least Oregon and would have experience with volunteer coordination, ballot initiatives, and/or managing campaigns. Fluency with the STAR Voting talking points is a big bonus.

Compensation: Starting wage $18-20/hr or negotiable depending on experience. 

Position Hours and Duration: This position may be part time or full time, depending. We're looking for a one year initial commitment from a person looking to find their niche and grow in this field. 


About the Equal Vote Coalition

The Equal Vote Coalition is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to fighting for true equality in the vote itself. We need elections that level the playing field and get equitable and representative results! Our mandate is community education, research, and coalition building from the local level to the global movement. 

While the field of electoral reform is broad, our work focuses on the foundation, the voting method itself. We recommend and advocate for STAR Voting specifically, and support voting methods that eliminate vote-splitting and ensure an equal vote. Led by our board and Executive Director, Equal Vote currently has a staff of one and an incredible team of volunteers, but it's time to grow our team and take this project to the next level. 


Notes on hiring policy and ethos: 

We are a grassroots, volunteer-centric project where significant contributions and decisions are made by our volunteers on a regular basis. Employee hires will be targeted to fill unfilled niches in our volunteer base. Priority will be given to those with the skills and experience lacking on our team, with a commitment to diversity, representation, and cultivating leadership. 

Politics and activism can be stressful and high pressure. We prioritize work-life balance and strive to set a sustainable pace and ensure that our team doesn't burn-out. While some positions will face serious time-crunches, hard deadlines, and will be full-on at times, we prefer to employ people at an average of 30/hrs a week, or ¾ time though there is almost always more work to do. Ideally those who need to work full time will have opportunities to take time off during the slow-season if desired. 

We believe in teamwork, and all positions will be designed to be collaborative whenever possible. Most projects will have a designated point person in charge, will have other leaders in supportive roles, and will have action items for volunteers as well. Most employees will have at least one project that they are in charge of and will fill supportive roles helping other staff on at least 2 other projects or committees as well. 


Health Care Benefits:

Full health and dental insurance options are available after 60 days for all employees averaging 30 hours per week or more.


Sick Time and Vacation Policy: 

Health and dental insurance options are available after 60 days for all employees working 30 hours per week or more, at two tiers.

Employees receive 1 hour of paid time off (PTO) for every 25 hours worked. For a full time employee this will add up to 83 hours, or just over two weeks of PTO a year. PTO can be used for sick days, holidays, or vacation time. Unused PTO of up to 80 hours will roll over into the next year for future use. 

Time off for holidays or vacation should be requested at least two weeks in advance, and will be granted if possible. For longer blocks of time off, a month or more notice is appreciated. Time off for sickness, parental leave, or other emergencies (as defined by the employee) will always be granted. 

Unpaid vacation time or additional time off of up to 3 weeks a year will be available on request to all employees working at least ¾ time, but may not be available during peak times. 


How To Apply:

Please email [email protected] with your cover letter and a resume detailing your story, your skills, your goals, and your experience and qualifications. Preference will be given to applicants with relevant experience and skills, and to those well-versed and passionate about our mission and project. References will be requested following an initial interview.