The Equal Vote Coalition has grown and evolved significantly since it's genesis in 2014. Meet the team and learn about the network of organizations that keep the gears turning.


About Us


Mark Frohnmayer

Co-inventor of STAR Voting

Founder and Board Director at Equal Vote and STAR Voting Action

Chief Petitioner at STAR Voting for Eugene

[email protected]


Sara Wolk

Executive Director, Secretary at Equal Vote and STAR Voting Action

Director of Campaigns at STAR Voting Action

Project Coordinator at STAR Elections

[email protected]



Brian Skinner

Board Member at Equal Vote and STAR Voting Action

Treasurer at STAR Voting for Eugene and STAR Voting for Lane County

[email protected]


Annie Kallen

President at Equal Vote and Board Director at STAR Voting Action

Chapter leader of the Portland, Oregon Chapter

[email protected]


James "Jas" Davis

President at STAR Voting Action and Board Director at Equal Vote

[email protected]


James Barber

Treasurer at Equal Vote and STAR Voting Action

[email protected]



Keith Edmonds

Board Director at Equal Vote

Director of Canadian Electoral Research

Co-Chair, 0-5 Star Proportional Research Committee

[email protected]


Jay Cincotta

Board Director at STAR Voting Action

Software Architect at STAR Elections

[email protected]


Jameson Quinn

Board Director at Equal Vote

PhD in Statistics from Harvard

[email protected]

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Steen Munter

Lead Software Developer at STAR Elections and

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The Equal Vote Coalition 501-c3

"The Equal Vote Coalition's mission is to promote true equality in the vote. The Equal Vote Coalition mandate is top-notch research, community education, and coalition building.

Our five core criteria for electoral reform are: Equality, Honesty, Accuracy, Expressiveness, and Simplicity. These criteria form the basis by which we evaluate and advance proposals for reform."


STAR Voting Action 501c4

STAR Voting Action serves as an umbrella organization for all STAR Voting campaigns, better allowing us to fundraise in advance, and to share resources between campaigns. The 501c4 allows donors to support the project as a whole, and then allows us to direct those funds to the campaign which needs the funding most, when they need it most.


STAR Elections

STAR Elections was launched in order to meet the demand to help host STAR Voting elections. While hosting your own elections with STAR will always remain free, we also offer election consulting and officiation. All profits from STAR Elections go to the STAR Voting Action 501c4 non-profit fund.



A number of Equal Vote Coalition Chapters work directly with Represent.Us or double as Represent.Us and Equal Vote chapters.


Houston, Texas Chapter:

Our Houston, TX chapter is in coalition with Americans For Representation

To get involved contact John Huang: johnhuang865 *at*