#UFTV aka "Unify the Vote!" is flash mobilization call to put Initiative Petition 54 - the Unified Primary, a first-of-its-kind reform, on the ballot and bring true equality to the vote for the first time in U.S. history. An equal vote, besides being required by the basic principles of our republic, has a decent shot at making our politicians actually responsive to we the people as a whole. Join us!

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Download, print and rock the Mobilization Kit.pdf OR the Solo Form.pdf
2. Sign in to the form below to connect with the campaign
3. Return all the signatures to the campaign by July 2!

** IMPORTANT: This is NOT Initiative Petition 55 - the Top Two Open Primary, so if you've signed that, you'll definitely want to sign this too. COMPARE AND CONTRAST the Unified and Open Primary reforms **

Don't worry, we won't use your personal contact information for any purpose outside this campaign, nor will we share it with third parties.

About the Unified Primary Initiative
The Unified Primary Initiative is a first-of-its-kind effort to create a voting system that is mathematically equal for all voters by transforming Oregon's partisan closed primary election system into an inclusive primary referendum on each candidate for office. Any questions? Learn more or check out the FAQ.

About #UFTV
In the great tradition of Rock the Vote, Vote or Die! and the Oregon Bus Project's Vote, F*cker! programs, #UFTV is a call to engaged political action to the young at heart. Instead of merely focusing on the passive act of voting, however, #UFTV goes a giant leap further by empowering us to make the vote itself fundamentally equal and radically more expressive.

Leaderboard - Schools:
1. South Eugene High
2. Portland State University
3. Mountain View High

Leaderboard - Superstars:
1. Nardo Polo
2. Fitti So Fitti
3. Robert the Hand

What the youth say:

More details on Unified Primary:

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