Oregon Chapter Map for the Equal Vote Coalition                                 


Who Are We:

The Equal Vote Coalition was first created in 2014 in Eugene, Oregon by Mark Frohnmayer. It's steadily grown to include a diverse network of members for a variety of backgrounds within the voting reform and election reform movements. The Equal Vote Coalition is non-partisan and includes longtime supporters and former and current advocates for other voting methods including from the Ranked Choice Voting movement as well as Score and Approval Voting movements. We believe that STAR Voting is the proposal that we need on a national level. 

Equal Vote is actively working on growing our coalition and we'd love to have you. We are committed to doing broad outreach and are working to build a coalition of leaders that is more than the sum of its parts. We are particularly interested in getting more connected with community and citizen advocacy groups and in keeping our membership and leadership representative of the full spectrum of Oregonians. Forging a broad coalition is key to helping keep us on track so that we can grow a movement that can earn broad support, from Eugene and Portland all the way to rural Oregon and beyond. We all deserve equality and we all want to be fairly represented. In an era of unprecedented polarization this is something we can unite around.


STAR Voting Chapters:

Find an Equal Vote or STAR Voting event near you.


Texas: Our Houston,TX chapter is in coalition with Americans For Representation

New York: Our Albany, NY chapter is in coalition with Represent.Us.

If you don't see your city on the list start a chapter or reach out and introduce your favorite group to STAR Voting and help grow the movement. If starting a chapter is more than you're ready to bit off you can always volunteer from home.


Board of Directors:

The Equal Vote Coalition is governed by our Board of Directors.

  • President and Founder: Mark Frohnmayer
  • Secretary: Sara Wolk
  • Treasurer: James Barber
  • Officer: Brian Skinner
  • Officer: Annie Kallen
  • Officer: Steve Repicky
  • Officer: James Davis
  • Executive Director: Sara Wolk


Our Partnered Organizations:

The Equal Vote Coalition is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit. As such it's focus is education, advocacy, and outreach. To make a donation click here.

STAR Voting ballot initiatives are separately organized and funded as campaign committees and are not under the not-for-profit. To donate to the STAR Voting for Eugene campaign click here. To donate to the STAR Voting for Lane County campaign please write us a check and send it to P.O. Box 51243, Eugene, OR 97405. Checks for STAR Voting for Eugene and Equal Vote can be mailed to the same address.

We now have a 501c4, STAR Voting Action, which allows us to fundraise for future campaigns around the state and country. If you're interested in helping us keep this movement sustainably funded over time please send us an email at [email protected]


Coalition Members:

The Equal Vote Coalition has recently begun taking applications for Coalition Membership Applications. While many groups and individuals have been key parts of our coalition for a long time, we are finally ready to make it official. Please click the link and fill out an application!

Coalition members are organizations who support the work of the Equal Vote Coalition and who are allies in the pursuit of the mission. An organization of any kind can become a coalition member through a mutual agreement between the governing board of both organizations.

a. Coalition membership is not an endorsement of specific policies or practices by either organization, but rather a statement of solidarity, an acknowledgement of common goals around voting reform, and a commitment to building a cohesive and inclusive movement for the benefit of all.

b. Coalition Members are encouraged to participate in Equal Vote activities, to co-host events, and to collaborate in other ways where the mission of both organizations intersect.

c. Coalition Members are encouraged to nominate a member of their organization to The Equal Vote Advisory board.

d. Coalition Members are encouraged to contribute in real and tangible ways to the success of the Equal Vote Coalition and our mission. This may include financial contributions, pledging staff hours, consulting, collaborating around action items, sharing volunteers, promoting coalition member’s events, or promoting the Equal Vote Coalition online, in newsletters, on social media, or in the press.