Join the Equal Vote Coalition

Who Are We:

The Equal Vote Coalition is a nonpartisan nonprofit with a mission to fight for true equality in the vote itself. We conduct and support top-notch research, educate communities, and build coalitions. We support voting methods that empower honesty, equality, accuracy, simplicity, and expressiveness.

From our inception in 2014, in Eugene, Oregon we have steadily grown to include a diverse network from around the world and from a variety of backgrounds within the voting reform and election reform communities.

Equal Vote recommends STAR Voting, which is adaptable to single-winner, multi-winner, and proportional elections. STAR Voting fully delivers on the principles that inspired this movement in the first place. In addition to STAR Voting, there are a number of voting methods that raise the bar, level the playing field, and ensure every voter an equally weighted vote. These methods deserve the support of the movement as well. In particular, Approval Voting and Ranked Robin are fantastic options for voters who want a traditional or ranked ballot, respectively.

We see voting method reform as the foundation of the voting rights movement, but in order to have an Equal Vote there are a number of other key elements that are also essential. Voting method reform, fair districting, and election integrity all go hand in hand and are critical to building the kind of world we want to live in. 

If you'd like to join the fight for an equal vote, we are actively working on growing our movement. We are committed to inclusive, bottom up organizing, broad outreach, and working to build a coalition that is more than the sum of its parts. We all deserve equality, we deserve a voice, and we deserve fair representation. In an era of unprecedented polarization, this is something we can unite around.


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Coalition Members:

Coalition members are organizations who support the work of the Equal Vote Coalition and who are allies in the pursuit of the mission. An organization of any kind can become a coalition member through a mutual agreement between the governing board of both organizations.

  • Coalition membership is not an endorsement of specific policies or practices by either organization, but rather a statement of solidarity, an acknowledgement of common goals around voting reform, and a commitment to building a cohesive and inclusive movement for the benefit of all.

  • Coalition Members are encouraged to participate in Equal Vote activities, to co-host events, and to collaborate in other ways where the mission of both organizations intersect.

  • Coalition Members are encouraged to nominate a member of their organization to The Equal Vote Advisory Board.

  • Coalition Members are encouraged to contribute in real and tangible ways to the success of the Equal Vote Coalition and our mission. This may include collaborating around action items, sharing volunteers, promoting coalition member’s events, pledging staff hours, consulting, financial contributions, or promoting the Equal Vote Coalition online, in newsletters, on social media, or in the press.