Equal Vote

We all know that Democracy is broken. Our current voting system is fatally flawed and gives some voters or candidates an unfair advantage, while wasting the votes of others. It’s basic bad design and we can do better. The Equal Vote Coalition is dedicated to the pursuit of fair and equal democracy from the foundation up.

So where'd this whole campaign come from, anyway?

STAR Voting is the accidental brain child of Rob Richie, Executive Director of FairVote, Clay Shentrup, Co-Founder of the Center for Election Science, and Mark Frohnmayer, life-long political sciontist and founder of Equal.Vote. Rob's suggestion at the 2014 Equal Vote Conference of an overseas absentee ballot that expressed both candidate approval for the equal top two and preference voting for the runoff sparked the realization that a score ballot provided both sets of data, and SRV was born.

Equal.Vote itself is the evolution of the Unified Primary campaign, an effort to reform Oregon's partisan primary election system to use the Equal Top Two. Based on the experience from that election cycle and the full-spectrum feedback from Oregon's electorate and avocacy groups, we focused on bringing forward a reform that maximizes choice in the single General Election when the most voters participate. Enter STAR Voting.