Donate to the Equal Vote Coalition

Donate to the Equal Vote Coalition

Thank you for supporting the Equal Vote Coalition!

The Equal Vote Coalition is a nonpartisan 501c3 nonprofit that advocates for true equality in the vote itself, specifically focusing on voting rights and upgrading our voting method. Donations are tax-deductible. Our mandate centers community education, coalition building, and research on reform proposals.

Voters should be able to vote their conscience without risking wasting their votes and the system should be fair and elect representative winners with a strong mandate to lead, but we have a long way to go. Vote-splitting and the Spoiler Effect in our current system cause a cascade of problems that lead to unrepresentative outcomes, magnified influence of money in politics, lack of accountability, and hyper-polarization. Your contribution helps us make better voting a reality.

By giving today, you're ensuring that our nonprofit is adequately staffed and able to support our network of volunteers to be effective and grow the movement, from the local to the national level.

Money raised goes toward outreach, presentations, content creation, electoral research, supporting orgs to upgrade their elections, volunteer catalyzation, and supporting our many chapters and committees working on STAR Voting and other top-tier voting reforms.

If you can, we encourage you to consider a recurring donation and become a contributing member by giving at least $10 a month or $120 a year. Our average contribution in 2022 has been $33.

More information:

  • Donating online helps us automate our bookkeeping and a small percentage of each online donation goes to processing fees. This is absolutely worth it for small and medium sized donations, but if you are making a large donation ($500+) please send us a check in the mail.
  • To contribute to the Equal Vote Coalition by check, please make checks payable to "Equal Vote Coalition".
  • To contribute to the STAR Voting campaign fund, please donate online or make checks payable to "STAR Voting Action".
  • To contribute to the STAR Voting for Oregon campaign fund, please donate online or make checks payable to "STAR Voting for Oregon P-011" and include your name, address, occupation, employer, and contact info for campaign finance reporting.
  • All checks can be sent to PO BOX 51243 30 E 33rd Ave. Eugene, OR 97405.
  • To cancel or update a recurring donation, please email us at: [email protected]


$10,090.50 raised
GOAL: $100,000.00