Democracy: let's do it!

The Idea:

Q: How much is the equal vote worth?

A: It's a priceless prize. But that shouldn't stop you from throwing a few shekels into the pot to make it happen. We're a lean, mean, democracy machine, but keeping our volunteers motivated requires more than just stirring platitudes and pithy quotes from the Federalist papers. It requires (occasionally) beer. And some money to print cool stickers. And letters to our supporters. Oh, and we want to make some more YouTube videos to share with the world.

The Impact:

We get to try giving all of us a truly equal voice, no matter where we live in the state, which private associations we join, or how many candidates in the race we prefer. We think that will yield leaders who are more responsive to us - we the people - leaders who focus on pragmatic solutions for the real problems we face. And when we prove it here, we can help you adopt it no matter where you live in the country.

Donations by Check:
You can send donations by check to:

Fair and Unified Elections Committee
544 Blair Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97402

Make sure to include your email, name, address, occupation, and employer name, city and state for campaign finance reporting requirements.

Thank you!

$22,425.00 raised
GOAL: $50,000.00