Proportional Representation


Is Proportional Representation an option with STAR Voting?

Proportional Representation elections can be achieved using any kind of ballot, including a 5 star ballot, electing candidates in proportion to the amount of support that they have in the electorate. For example, if a faction had the support of 1/5 of the voters, their candidates would win one out of the 5 available seats.

There are a number of ways to tabulate a 5 star ballot to produce a proportional result. Proportional Representation is the cutting edge of voting science and the Equal Vote Coalition is currently convening a team of local and international voting scientists and researchers to study the options and to find the algorithm that is the most accurate, fair, simple, and resistant to strategic voting.

The leading proportional 5 star voting methods all use the same 5 star ballot as single winner STAR Voting. The algorithms which can be used are all shorter and simpler than that used by Single Transferable Vote, do not waste votes, and incentivize honest and expressive voting. Proportional STAR pairs well with single winner STAR Voting, so voters can have accurate elections for both single and multi-winner races using the same ballot.

To get involved with the Equal Vote 0-5 Proportional Research Committee please email: [email protected]