Is Proportional Representation an option with STAR Voting?


What is Proportional Representation?:
Proportional Representation is a class of multi-winner voting designed to elect a candidates in proportion to the amount of support that they have in the electorate.

For example, if there were five seats available on a council, and if a faction had the support of 1/5 of the voters, their candidate would be able to win one out of the five available seats. 

Proportional Representation is common all around the world, especially in countries that have a parliamentary system, and proportional representation elections can be achieved using any kind of ballot, including the 5 star ballot. 


What is Proportional STAR Voting?:
Proportional STAR voting
 uses the same ballot as single-winner STAR and like single-winner STAR, the tabulation better incentivizes honest and expressive voting, doesn't waste votes, and is a lot simpler than many other proportional voting methods currently in use. 

Proportional STAR pairs well with single-winner STAR Voting and basic multi-winner STAR Voting, so voters can have accurate representative elections for single-winner, basic multi-winner elections , and proportional representation races using the same consistent and user friendly ballot. 

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